NRA Releases Super Creepy Sexist Video

First, I don’t know what the NRA is ‘selling’ with this video. That guns are sexy? Sexy – as in stalking a woman and critiquing and objectifying her – sexy? Second, who is their demographic for this? Third, and most appalling, they released it days after the Santa Barbara shooting that had all kinds of misogynistic undertones already. Shame on you NRA. But that’s an understatement.


NRA opposes smart guns…Why??

Wait?  What?  The NRA ILA opposes guns that can only be used by their owners?

How does that represent the interest of their grassroots members, most of whom want common sense gun regulations and to keep guns out of the hands of bad guys?

It doesn’t.

But it sure helps the US gun manufacturers: the new smart gun is made in Germany.

Just sayin.


Interesting Reading: NRA’s IRS Filing for 2011

Click here for the full 57 page document of the NRA’s filing with the IRS.  As a non profit they must file an annual IRS Form 990.  This is chock full of interesting stuff including executive salaries, advertising budgets, etc.  What’s interesting is that most non-profits have these as PDF on their website so that donors can review them.  Not the NRA.  (So shady.)  You have to go looking for this.  And I couldn’t find more recent filings.