Chris Rock Shuts Up about Gun Control

Chris talks about quitting gun control advocacy after a public speaking engagement in DC.  He said he was so harassed by gun rights extremists after the event, that ‘it wasn’t worth it.”

It must feel strange to those extremists to trample all over the First Amendment (Free Speech) in their devotion for the Second.  

Big American, apple pie slice of hypocrisy anyone? 





Blocking Knowledge

A very solid New York Times Op-Ed after the link re: NRA blocking research grants.

The sound of intentional ignorance is deafening.

I can’t think of a more blatant instance in which a membership organization blocked research into their subject matter.  Why would you not want to know more about your subject matter so you can design solutions?  That’s what a majority of your members want.

Glad to see you’re listening to your members.