Rachel Maddow Slams Gov. Christie

Yet again Rachel Maddow knocks it out of the park in less than 9 minutes.

She gives a quick overview of why high capacity magazines are an important issue then nails Gov Christie for his shameful politics.

That GOP primary must loom too large in Gov Christie’s future for him to have common sense or decency on this issue.


Senator Toomey’s Inadequate Response

I wrote a note to my senator – Hon. Pat Toomey (R.)- letting him know I’m a one issue voter.  That issue is gun control.

This was his shockingly inadequate response.  There is absolutely no mention of gun control legislation: what a majority of his constituents want.

He’s up for re-election in November 2016.  I intend to get out the vote for a senator who is actually responsive to his state.


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