Another limp NRA web persona

Uh, someone over at the NRA needs to stop creating limp social media personas.  I just stumbled across:

Let’s add it to the almost 30 (WTF?) other NRA websites, cause it’s such a heavy hitter, ya’ll. As of writing, the Hunt for Truth’s last post was from 2013, their Facebook has 896 likes, and their Twitter had 73 followers.

In case you don’t want to slog through the reams of nonsense on the website, let me pull the best quotes to sum them up (typos are theirs):

The Hunt For Truth Association hopes to educate the public about the LEGALramifications of the lead ammunition ban and predator reintroduction campaigns, and to keep people current with the latest NEWS on what is occurring scientifically and politically in the ongoing debate regarding lead ammunition and hunting and natural resource conservation policy.

Several media outlets have mischaracterized and the Hunt For Truth Association as NRA controlled entities. While HFTA works with various NRA representatives, along with representatives from dozens of other groups, HFTA, to reiterate, has its own Board of Directors and Executive Director. The HFTA Executive Director and Board dictates HFTA’s actions and policies. We do hope that future reporters discussing the HFTA will be more careful and accurate in their reporting.

And just for shits and giggles, please note that their Ex Director was formerly the Regional Director with the National Wild Turkey Federation.

You can’t make this up.  Honestly.