NRA’s ads against Bloomberg. More Pricelessness.

NRA ILA has released an ad campaign against Michael Bloomberg that calls him a ‘liberal elite’ (snooze) and an ‘arrogant hypocrite’ (huh?) who wants to control people’s lives. It was reported that they spent $500,000 on this first round of the campaign.

I guess they need a bad guy for their false, fear mongering narrative.

But the NRA needs to be careful. As my momma always said, ‘you shouldn’t throw stones if you live in glass houses.’

A “Meet the Real NRA” campaign would be far more revealing and interesting.


Save the United

The SS United States is docked down on the Delaware River, Philadelphia. It was built in 1952 as a luxury liner and still retains the record for the fastest, regular service crossing of the Atlantic Ocean.

It caught my eye the other day because it has a huge banner across the bow that reads ‘’ My immediate reaction was: “Right On!”

Just to be clear: my reaction wasn’t a misplaced-myopic-nostalgic-for-the-past type of “Right On.”

Quite the opposite. Mine was an energized, optimistic “Right On!” exclamation; ever hopeful about the future of our truly representative democracy and a common sense approach to guns.

Is that so much to ask?


New Pricelessness from the NRA

Boom. And there it is. The NRA’s newest publicity stunt.

NRA’s latest ad campaign – “Good Guys” – is an odd ode to the 1950s, an era when life was clearly a ton better, easier, sweeter, milder and more honorable and a time when government was clearly more representative and more honest. Well at least for the white guys in charge. Cause I’m pretty sure the 1950s version of us (anyone not male, white, or privileged) didn’t have it so great and I’m pretty sure government wasn’t so accountable back then.  (Internet anyone?)

The new campaign includes 11 videos essentially declaring that the cornerstones of America – government, law enforcement, right to privacy, the media, neighbors, and yes – parenting – I am not kidding – are under threat. According to Mr. La Pierre, the target audience is those among us (??) that are “…worried the character of the country is at risk. It’s all collapsing.”

“At risk of collapsing” from what? Well, that’s not clear. And the NRA surely doesn’t spell it out. Cause if they did, they would sound ridiculous.

Because you know what the 1950s is afraid of?


So, if you’re afraid of the future. Golly gee whiz, Beaver, join the NRA.

Cause that’s the answer. Yup. Sure it is.

Cool New Ad Campaign Against Kroger from Moms Demand Action

Digging this new ad campaign by Moms Demand Action. Very savvy to contrast what Kroger will allow (guns) against what Kroger won’t allow (eating, skateboards and topless men.)  Uh, hello? Eating?  In a grocery store?  Cause that’s so much worse than guns.

I’m looking forward to watching for these on my fav online news outlets. Props for them taking out a billboard in Kroger’s backyard of Cincinnati too.

You know what else I’m really looking forward to?  The pricelessness that will be the NRA’s response.