The New Lawsuit out of Newtown

In case you missed the news, some families of Sandy Hook are bringing a lawsuit against Bushmaster for incorrectly distributing Adam Lanza’s gun – the AR-15.

The Bloomberg Businessweek article explains why they don’t view this suit as likely to be successful.  I’m not a lawyer so I can’t gauge their predictions.

I did, however, note that the article points to the 2005 legislation called the ‘Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act’ which was promoted by the NRA and signed by-President George W. Bush (who would later renounce his NRA membership.)  It shields gun manufacturers from liability suits (aka a liability-shield law.)  And this is the primary reasons the lawsuit will fail.

The good news?  This lawsuit will raise awareness about this super shady law.  I don’t think many Americans are aware of its existence.  They soon will.  Boom.