Internet Trolls: Personality Substitution

I follow quite a few writers forums.  Internet trolls and, in particular, the vitriolic negativity they bring to the internet are common topics.

Nora Roberts, a hugely successful romance writer, just posted a very interesting blog about her reaction to some trolls posting on her Facebook.  The blog title is Bite Me, which pretty much says it all.  She comes out strong, saying, “…those who insist on coming into my spaces with their negativity are going to be called out for it.”  Sounds like she has finally had enough.

I’ve thought long and hard about how to deal with trolls, as you can imagine, given my subject area this year.

I’ve come to a few conclusions.

1.  I applaud and support people who add content to the public space that is the internet.  Key word being ADD.  Without creativity or art in all their many wonderful forms, the world would be unpalatable.

2.  I will defend freedom of expression.  Period.  No matter how complex the debate may become.  It’s one of the fundamental building blocks of democracy.

3.  Those who attack art or freedom of expression are detractors.  Their trolling is a substitute for lacking any real value add.  Trolling is personality substitution.  If they had something of value to say, they should/would create their own space.  Then I would support them, since it would be creation not destruction.

4.  It doesn’t make sense to spend my time or energy in the common space on people that don’t add anything.  I’ve got enough of my own personality, passion, and positive ideas to keep me fully occupied for many years to come.