Great News: Feminist Movements Lower Violence

There’s a very solid Op Ed in the NY Times today titled To Stop Violence, Start at Home that gives me a nice hit of hope today, despite the horrible winter weather outside.

Two big take aways for me:

1.  Domestic violence is a huge indicator (that’s my non-science speak) for larger scale violence later in life, including mass shootings.

2.  Citing a 2012 study, the authors argue that “the mobilization of strong, independent feminist movements was a more important force in reducing violence” than any number of alternatives.  And they’re talking globally.

I know something about political and social science studies: this seems like a compelling finding.  More importantly, I know this *feels* right.

Domestic violence is about impotence and rage being turned on the vulnerable and less powerful.  Feminism is about empowering the vulnerable and changing power dynamics.  What this study says is we can address the first through the second.  That’s a blueprint, my peeps.  And that’s great news.