Trying out Facebook advertising. And a free, pre-release copy of the next Mac Ambrose story.


So I’m giving Facebook advertising a little whirl – and by little, I mean I’m only spending about $20.  This is all new to me so I’m dipping my toe in.  Definitely not stomping in.

Above is the photo that I’m using in the ad and the slug line reads, “Get a pre-release copy of the next Mac Ambrose story FREE!”  With a link to my website. 

What I find horrendously interesting is that FB allows you to really parse up your targeted demographic.  For example, I targeted FB users that have liked The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo because I believe they will like the tone, pacing, and mystery in my stories.  And it doesn’t hurt that Mac Ambrose is a smart, sassy, gritty female protagonist.

Then I further determined age and gender among those targeted.

Finally, and this is super interesting, FB will automatically ‘target’ those who are most likely to click on my link.  FB is clearly tracking how often we click and on what topic!  This explains why I am under FB barrage for pet rescue articles and videos.  [Yes, yes, I’m obsessed with underdog dog stories with fairytale endings.  In an unhealthy way, to be fair.]

So far my experiment in advertising has been slightly more expensive in terms of ‘return on clicks’ (I think that’s the lingo) than I had expected.  But I’m learning a ton.  This is what the experts call social media marketing, and I’m finding it’s not all that hard to play around in their sandbox.  Although, it’s clearly harder to get the results you want.  (My expert social media friend is going to call me on that, for sures.  As in pronto.  She follows me.)

I’ll keep ya posted as this rolls out the next few days.