Results from Promo Week

Phwew.  Well that was a serious rush!  My ears are still ringing from the ride.  Nothing like doing your own marketing.

So I ran ads in promo email distributors (e.g. ENT, Fussy Librarians) over the last four days.  Every morning, with coffee in hand, I checked the ranking for A Spy Came Home with clear intent to seal myself off from the web until evening.  Ha ha ha.  I found myself checking both the sales and the ranking on a continual cycle every 30 minutes.  Crack has a new face and it’s my Amazon author dashboard.

I’m delighted to report that the promo week surpassed expectations.  The book’s rank dropped from an initial #711,953 to #8,744 on Day 1.  So cool to watch that movement.  Day 2 and Day 3 it maintained a nice steady spot just above 10,000 (#10,722 and #13,907.)   And it ended off the week…

june 27 rankingsTA DA!!

I am really proud of the fact that A Spy Came Home – with a very small marketing budget of $122 and a week long sale – made it to #52 in the Espionage category.  I mean, come on, that’s cray cray!  This time last year I was in the grips of absolute terror.  Who would ever, ever want to read my rubbish?

Here’s toasting to lots of naivety, a dash of bravado, and strapping into the roller coaster seat with eyes wide open.

And a big thanks to Joe for not mocking my new addiction.  (I’m not sure I would have been so gentle had the roles been reversed.)