Evolution & a 5,000 word day (!!)

Before my internet hiatus, I read a post on a writers forum about increasing your pace of writing.  A lot of other indie authors piled on with great advice and tips.  A number of them recommended a book by a prolific hybrid author Libbie Hawker that described a very simple (yet smart) way of outlining.

I had considered myself a fairly strong outliner.  Boy, was I not right.  If you’re a writer, I strongly recommend Libbie’s book: it’s a quick read.

Suffice to say, I downloaded it right away and finished it within a few hours.  Now, I’ve read my fair share of writer advice books.  I tend to skim them.  One size definitely does not fit all.  But Libbie’s advice hit home and the next day I sat down and outlined novel #3.  It took me a few hours based on some brain muddling that had been churning away in the background for the last few weeks.

Then I sat back and looked at it.  And much to my total surprise, instead of being daunted I thought, ‘I can totally do that.’  Keyboard banging commenced.

I am here to report that it’s been three weeks (+ one dislocated shoulder and loads of cover designing because that’s doable one handed) and I just hit my all time most productive day.  Today I crunched in 5,000 words.  Not fluff, either.  These are solid, meaty words in well structured paragraphs within crucial chapters building a clean and tidy story.

Don’t get me wrong–I love my first novel.  It will always be the HN Wake magnum opus.  That book has sweat, tears and some blood in its hard fought bones.  (I feel the sacrifice every time I look at its cover.)

But boy if novel #3 doesn’t feel like I’m hitting it out of the park.  Zing.

Writing is learning.  That fact amazes me every day.  Today more than most.