Being a Writer

I hired a professional developmental editor.  I knew it was something I wanted to do the first time around, but I wasn’t sure  if novel #1 was a hunk of junk or not.  This second time, I knew what I had in my hands was solid.  I wanted a professional set of eyes on it to point out weaknesses.

She just sent me her reworks.  And yes, there are significant areas for improvement in my writing.  (Right??)

I’m letting her words settle naturally around me this weekend.  On Monday I will dig into rewrites.

An invaluable and uplifting lesson has dawned in my world: writing will always be about striving to be better.  I will never turn out a perfect manuscript, let alone a perfect novel.  I will always be just slightly behind where I think I am.  There will always be better ways to tell a story–just there, beyond my fingertips.  I will always want to explore and expand my limits.

But that’s what keeps this process fresh.  I’m excited to push myself–to try new things, to try new approaches, to lay down words in a way I haven’t in the past.  It’s daunting, for sure.  But the thrilling things in life are usually daunting.  Right?

I have a whole new respect for writers everywhere.