This will never, ever get old. What a day!

What a day!

I made the coffee and cleared out the dishwasher slowly this morning at 6 am.  I wanted to delay getting online as long as possible.  Because this is the day my second novel is published.  Gulp.

I know there will be no reviews yet.  I know there will be no sales yet.  I know this.  But I’m still nervous.

Coffee bravado in hand, I click open the computer and mosey on over to Amazon–as I know I will do every 30 minutes today in some rabid OCD trance–to refresh and check out the cover of Deceits of Borneo live in all its computer enhanced color.  Because…well…because it’s live.  L.I.V.E.

And then checking my emails, I see I’ve gotten a note from the interviewer for the Crime Fiction Lover website that my interview is live.  One rapid click later and–KABLAM–there’s my photo in all its scary, huge glory and the headline “HN Wake Interviewed.”  Of course, I track down to see my two novel covers.  Wow, they look so cool and vivid on this website.  Love.  Then I speed read through the interview, terribly afraid I’ll find some random mistakes.  Because, it’s on the freaking internet and it’s live and I’m nervous as all get out and it’s the freaking internet.  No mistakes.  Exhales.

Yeah, today is a pretty awesome.  I know, deep in my heart, this will never ever get old.

I hope you like the new one.

(And a very special thanks to the team who helped make this possible. xo)