There are a lot of things I do in obscurity. I sing very loudly and very badly when no can hear, particularly in the car. I attempt new dance moves when no one can see, especially as I get dressed in the morning. I tend a garden in the spring and the summer that practically no one visits. I intentionally expand my collection of new facial products on secret visits to TJ Maxx. All of these activities bring me joy. Lots of joy.

I also write in relative obscurity. Don’t get me wrong. I have a fabulous, engaged, and growing group of loyal readers. This does not include my family and friends who also tend to be fabulous. But compared to a lot of authors, my awesome readers group is relatively small. I’m good with that.

So far I’m really enjoying the freedom I get from writing just to these folks. It helps with the plotting, the character development, and the pace of my stories. I know what they like—similar to my own tastes as a reader—so I write for them.

Lately, I have been ramping up my social media marketing. I’m running Facebook ads and giveaways and doing cool promotional stuff like podcasts. It’s fun because it’s a whole new skill set I’m developing in obscurity. This slug line didn’t work? No problem. Try this one. This photo didn’t get any clicks? No worries I’ll just replace it with this one. It’s a lot like figuring out a puzzle. And I love me some puzzles.

I wonder what will happen if I ever begin to reach a broader audience. Will it change the act of writing for me? Probably. How, I don’t know.

As an author, do I want a gazillion folks to read my novels? Sure. Of course. (OK, maybe not a gazillion.) I’d be lying if I said I don’t.

But am I yearning for the day when I have a much larger audience? Funny enough, nope. I’m really loving the moment I’m in: I’m falling down, getting up, dusting myself off, and learning lessons on a daily basis in relative obscurity. There’s something really enchanting about that.