Indies Rock


May 12 final rectangl Mystery image

Being an indie has a lot of benefits these days.

First and foremost is the freedom. There is very little pressure when I am writing, working with my awesome beta readers, being schooled by my editor, tinkering with my covers, or hitting publish. Real freedom. Don’t get me wrong, there are lots of pressures that crop up. But these challenges sit squarely on my stoop. That’s complete control and it’s pretty awesome.

Another top thing about being an Indie is the collaboration with other authors. We chat on forums like Kboards, we catch up on the news at various blogs, we like and follow each others’ Facebook pages, and we share intel.

We share lots of intel. Market intel. Intel on Amazon. Intel on the traditional publishing scene. (Which–from where we sit–appears to be in the messy throes of catching up to the tech revolution.)  Before I dove in to self-pubbing, I would have suspected the indie world to be cut-throat. But it ain’t.

I believe there are two reasons this space is so collaborative.

One. Competition is good. There is a huge demand for quality writing and story telling. If you’re a good writer who can deliver great stories, then you can write, edit, package and publish without being hamstrung by an antiquated system of arbitrary gatekeepers. These days, more than just the 1% are getting their stories into the hands of discerning readers. More great stories=more great reading.

Two. Finding ‘great’ stories is a personal endeavor. As a reader, I am efficient and effective at skimming those first few pages on Amazon to find the stories and voices I want to sink into for hours. The traditional publishing gatekeepers promise they are curating for me…but are they really? Not nearly as well as I am for myself.

Can I prove this collaborative spirit? You bet I can. For the next two days, there are over 60 books on a flash sale of $.99. Dig in while they’re hot!