A ‘lil bump in spirit

woman back at ocean

I’m in the throes of editing Mac Ambrose novel #3.  It’s uplifting and exciting but can at times be hard.  The book’s plot is set, the twists lined up, and the ending pretty kick ass.  Now for filling in on description and character.  The later of which is my weak link, but we all have strengths and weaknesses.

So my head is down.  Weeds for the forest. 

When I’m in editing mode, my mind tends to focus on word choice even when I’m not in front of the computer.  During the editing phase I am mildly distracted on a continual basis.  I’ll be on the subway and I’ll see something that triggers a word that fits exactly in a particular scene and I’ll have to send myself a note.

I also have deadlines to my editor and my beta readers that I’m trying desperately to hit.  But I’m down with that.  This is all an amazing, inspiring ride.  At a dinner party on Sunday the host told me he gave up a literary tome because he wanted ‘a Mac Ambrose read.’  Uh, hello, best compliment evah.  This means 5 am coffee + computer dates for at least the next four weeks.  Let’s be clear: when the alarm goes off I feel my fingertips tingling for the keyboard.  No lie.

So during this ‘nose to the grindstone’ phase I try to stay off social media.  It ain’t easy.  As I’m sure you all know.

Today I peeked over at Amazon and saw a new (great) review on Deceits of Borneo.  The reviewer praised the fact that Mac was a ‘woman CIA operative.’  This gave me pause.  I realized I loved the fact that the reviewer made that a point.

I never intentionally decided to write from a woman’s point of view, it just seemed the right thing to do as a budding, wanna-be writer who had been cautioned to write ‘what you know.’  And, well, it came naturally.  But as I put word to screen over the last two years, I realized I wanted a broader audience.

I made the decision not to write for women, but to write of women.

In the spy genre there just aren’t that many authentic, smart, gritty women protagonists.  I suspect that’s probably a truism across many genres.

Here’s to today’s reviewer that recognized it and commented on it.  I’ll take that ‘lil boost to my spirit any day.